It's important when you go hunting to make sure that you know enough about how to hunt safely in order to remain the hunter and not become the hunted. Here are 20 safety tips for beginning hunters to help you make it through hunting season alive:

Hunting Safety Tip #1: Every time you see a gun, pick up a gun or point a gun, assume that it's loaded.

Hunting Safety Tip #2: Make sure your safety is always ON and that the barrel is pointing DOWN when you are walking with or transporting your gun.

Hunting Safety Tip #3: Make sure that you are certain of your target before you take your shot. That is, make sure that you are shooting at an animal and not a human and that there are no people anywhere near the animal you are shooting at.

Hunting Safety Tip #4: Wear the required amount of orange so that you don't become another hunter's target.

Hunting Safety Tip #5: Make sure all animals are dead before you put them in or strap them onto your vehicle.

Hunting Safety Tip #6: Do not bring small children with you hunting.

Hunting Safety Tip #7: Do not climb up or down a tree or over a fence with a loaded gun. Instead, hand your gun to a hunting partner with the safety on and allow them to hand it back to you when you are in position.

Hunting Safety Tip #8: Stay sober and do not take any mind-altering drugs before or during your hunting sessions.

Hunting Safety Tip #9: Wear a brightly colored hat so that you will not be mistaken for a target.

Hunting Safety Tip #10: Look well beyond your target before you shoot. High powered ammunition can travel up to a mile.

Hunting Safety Tip #11: Hunt with a buddy. If you can't hunt with a buddy, make sure that someone knows where you will be and what time to expect you back.

Hunting Safety Tip #12: If using a tree stand to hunt, don't forget to wear a safety belt.

Hunting Safety Tip #13: Before you begin the hunting season and before you use any new or borrowed equipment, make sure to go over everything and make sure that it is working properly.

Hunting Safety Tip #14: Make sure you know how everything operates before you attempt to use it while hunting. Safety requires that you ask questions and have practice sessions before you put any new equipment or techniques to work.

Hunting Safety Tip #15: Store and transport ammunition separate from your guns.

Hunting Safety Tip #16: Keep both your guns and your ammunition under lock and key.

Hunting Safety Tip #17: Never shoot at a sound or movement.

Hunting Safety Tip #18: Store firearms and bows in cool dry places.

Hunting Safety Tip #19: Take home what you kill, clean it and eat it. Freeze or dry the extra and share it with the neighbors or have meat for months!

Hunting Safety Tip #20: Enjoy yourself!


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