Natual Gas and Public Awarness

Natural Gas and Public Awareness
Safety Announcement

Natural Gas is a colorless, odorless non toxic substance. We add an odorant to the gas to warn you of a potential natural gas leak. This odor has been described as a rotten egg smell or the smell of stinky socks. Because you may not be able to detect a natural gas leak only by smell, you should also be aware of other ways to spot a leak. Such as a hissing sound, the evidence of dead vegetation and insects or blowing dust and sand.

** In the event of an Emergency **

If you think you have a natural gas leak DO NOT use anything that uses electricity! Such items include your cell phone, light switches, garage door openers and appliances. Exit your residents, get as far away as possible and call Humboldt Natural Gas Utility or the Helpline immediately.

Humboldt Municipal Gas Utility: Eugene Betz @ 605-305-0400

Help Line Center: 1-888-320-1490

Public Works Manager: Michael Beaner @ 605-661-5268

In the event of a fire or explosion, call 911

Call 811 BEFORE you dig. Know what's below!!